Harmonic Self Care

teaches you how to apply the vibrations of the specifically calibrated tuning forks to the major acupuncture points at home, for greater health, emotional freedom and heightened states of consciousness.

Harmonic Mother

teaches woman and their partners how to combine powerful sound frequencies with the ancient acupuncture points for fertility, pregnancy, birth and a strong postpartum recovery.

Harmonic Child

offers parents a profound repertoire of how to use the sound vibrations to remedy the most common complaints of their children.

Harmonic Beauty

offers women the ability to self administer luxurious sound facials at home, using sound that is sent through gems tips. This deeply stimulates the acupuncture points of the face for lifting, smoothing and rejuvenation.

Harmonic Medicine


What is Harmonic Medicine

Physics shows us that at every level of our being, every molecule, cell, organ and system emits, absorbs, and amplifies sound in a dynamic rhythmic pattern.

We are Vibrational Beings.

The sonic frequencies that comprise the human body are either harmonic and melodious, with life unfolding naturally creating healthy and happiness or our frequencies are dissonant and discordant and we experience a life of snags, disappointments and disease.

Biochemically, sound produces changes in the autonomic, immune, endocrine, and neuropeptide systems.

Sound Releases:

Endorphins - Stimulating pleasure and altered states of consciousness.

Oxytocin - The bonding hormone: this allows for the healing and re-patterning of our emotional self.

Nitric Oxide - Activating the parasympathetic nervous system, releasing the chronic fight or flight associated with trauma. Nitric Oxide reduces inflammation and is an essential protective element in preventing cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer's.

The late Dr. Hans Jenny, a Swiss scientist, demonstrated how sound creates physical form. By applying different vibratory frequencies to sand, iron filings, and other materials, he created a multitude of kaleidoscopic images. The study of patterns and shapes created by sound is called Cymatics.

The research of Fabien Mammon shows that cancer cells are disorganized and asymmetrical, and that sound can destroy then. Cancer cells were found to become unstable and disintegrate when they were played all the notes of the musical scale."

At Harmonic Living we apply precision calibrated tuning forks directly to the acupuncture points and into the etheric field to raise the frequency and coherence of your system for its highest functioning.

"Music creates order out of chaos; for rhythm imposes unanimity upon the divergent, melody imposes continuity upon the disjointed, and harmony imposes compatibility upon the incongruous." -Sir Yehudi Menuhin

"Every illness is a musical problem, and every cure has a musical solution." --Novalis (16th Century)

The body is like a piano, and happiness is like music. It is needful to have the instrument in good order.-Henry Ward Beecher

AcutonicsĀ© : A Harmonic Approach to Oriental Medicine

By: Sue Wadden, L.Ac, Certified Practitioner & Teacher of the Acutonics Healing SystemOriental Medicine Journal - 2003

This article explores the use and application of Acutonics Tunning Forks in the practice of Oriental Medicine. Specific point applications, and treatment protocols are provided. Download PDF Full Article Here

Article ~

 Chinese medicine is ruled by the kidneys. The application of the tuning forks on these extraordinary points, these channels that are formed in minutes following conception, have been essential in the treatment of all conditions related to kidney deficiencies, including eczema. Applying the Full Moon 6th on P 6 asan opening to tonify and nourish yin and sooth the heart while grounding the energy of the yin Wei Mai by placing the middle Ohm fork on Spleen 4 has proven effective over and over again as a healing medium for all conditions related to anxiety and a feeling of tightness of the chest. Young boys who are coming to see me for skin conditions as they step into their years of puberty and transformation are greatly balanced by applying the New Moon 5th on Lung 7 and then balancing the Ren Channel with the Middle Ohm on Kidney 6. This same combination is also essential for supporting asthma patients in the summer and between attacks when the kidney and the lung qi need to be replenished. Young people who are trying to come to terms with the divorce of their parents, whose symptoms might include eczema, insomnia, leg pain, and depression are supported in the most profound ways by using the Acutonics® system. The Ohm/Chiron 2nd and the New Moon 5th are applied to the Yin Qiao Mai Channel, opening Kidney 6 first with the Chiron Tuing Fork, Chiron represents the wounded healer, and then with the New Moon, while balancing the meridian with the grounding Ohm energy to Lung 7.

A full-term pregnant woman's labor contractions will become more regular and powerful using the Zodiac 3rd on Liver 3 and Large Intestine 4. Using the Solar 7th musical interval on UB67 has shown me the power of helping position a baby for delivery. It is much more convenient to use the tuning forks at a hospital birth than moxa and needles. In a world where we are striving to find peace and harmony, positive and trusting communication, a renewed sense of caring for our lovely planet, and a feeling of hopefulness for our future, this beautiful and poetic, ancient and effective, comprehensive and integrative model of medicine, known as Acutonics®, is clearly the cool drink of water that we have been craving. Working with women during their pregnancies has been one way for me to help contribute to a healthy future for these babies yet to be bron. Babies hover in dream time. They too respond to the healing tones of the Acutonics® Tuning Forks. They love the Tibetan bowls.

Oriental Medicine, Harmonic Vibration, and Planetary Responsibility

By: C. Birch Storey, DOM Oriental Medicine Journal - Summer 2004The article explores the roots of the Acutonics Healing System in the context of Oriental Medicine, and Planetary Responsibility. It focuses on the use of Earth, Moon, and Sun frequencies, specific intervals, and the archetypal qualities of these tools. Treatment protocols are provided. Download PDF Full Article Here

Article ~

Cultures at respective times have had different reference points, either being dominated by a celestial focus with attendant neglect for the body or by being geocentric with an attitude of righteous exploitation. We no longer have the luxury to get caught in either scientific determinism or spiritual idealism. We need to shift the perception so that the perceiver and the perceived are interdependent and in some sense made of the same animate element that is both sensible and sensitive. The use of the Ohm forks, help us to express our spiritual and emotional connection to our cosmic and earthly origins.

Gaia has come to stand for the ecological perspective that views the earth as a single interconnected whole. This is the notion of earthly nature as a densely interconnected organic network, as a biosphere from which each entity draws its specific character from its relations, to all other things. In my clinical practice I have experienced that underlying all imbalance is a sense of disenfranchisement from meaning, from the meaning of the world, from the meaning of incarnation. It's therefore not just a matter of using the Ohm forks to connect each person to the Earth element, and the substantive vigor it promotes. But also about reconnecting the person to the dynamic of connection itself, which forms the basis of a healthy, balanced and integrated psyche. Whenever we employ the vibration of the Ohm forks in healing, we are also simultaneously enhancing the natural rhythmic pulse of Gaia herself, the ground of our experience.

Sound Healing For Children: Oriental Harmonic Medicine

This article explores the use of the Acutonics Sound Healing System with children.Oriental Harmonic Medicine offers a potent form of healing for body, mind, spirit, and heart. This noninvasive modality allows children to enjoy the richness of specific tones through tuning forks and other sound healing tools such as Tibetan bowls, chimes, and gongs. By recongninzing and honoring each child as a unique being, and nurturing that being, a child will be allowed to grow into their potential.OHM honors this process, allowing children a chance for optimal health, awareness, and wellbeing.Full Article, Download here

Article ~

"Mommy I hurt my head, I want the purple tuning fork." "I had a bad day at school, I want the pink and red tuning forks." "Mommy my stomach hurts, put a Tibetan bowl on it." These are the words of a 7-year-old Indigo child, a child of the future. A child that needs love, support, guidance, and nurturing so that she can move forward guided by her light within. She needs protection from the antiquated norms set by society during the industrial revolution, and re-enacted year after year in this nations's public schools. She needs, as all children need, the self-confidence, self-esteem, vitality, cunning, endurance, love, passion, sociability, and compassion to move through life. Her hide needs to be toughened while her sensitivity to the needs of her self, others, and those of mother earth must be heghtened, honored, and revered yet balanced so that each time she sees/feels someone suffering or when she suffers herself or she sees another fallen tree it will not crush her inner spirit. This is a child who hears the music of the spheres; this is what she says -It is the music in her head unlike any song she knows.

Sound Therapy

By: Ellen F. Franklin, MA Massage Magazine - April 2007

This article explores the use and application of a variety of sound healing tools in the practice of massage and Bodywork. It discusses the basic principals of sound healing including resonance, frequency, and harmonics and explores a range of techniques being implemented by practitioners.

Download PDF Full Article Here

What Clients are saying

"To experience rivers of sound moving through my body was incredible - almost ecstatic. The elemental quality brought me deeply into my body while the ethereal expanded my mind - seemingly infinitely. I travelled farther because I felt so safe and grounded. I think that this Humpty Dumpty really might be put back together again!! Thank you Dr. Birch. I am moved beyond words" JC

"Living a life you love depends on what you know about, and what you can do with, energy. Creatively shape it, or life will shape it for you."Dr. Birch

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