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goldforksDesigned to teach you how to use the Acutonics® tuning forks at home. The classes will use the balancing Ohm tuning forks with their Gems tips and the Mars/Venus 5th, but you can also learn how to get the most out of whatever tuning forks you currently have. You will also learn how to use your voice therapeutically to accelerate the changes from the inside out.

two forks

  Whether it be for your self care, your journey as a mother or to enhance you beauty regime,   the basic principles can be learned easily and applied immediately.

Harmonic Self-Care

Harmonic Self-Care teaches you the fundamentals of sound, sound healing the use of Acutonics® tuning forks. You will learn a set of acupuncture points that have the greatest transformational impact on your organs, endocrine system, emotional states and heightened states of consciousness.

 Sound vibrations increase vitality, charge your brain,
 reset negative cellular patterns and create greater levels of  health, and happiness.

You will learn the 10 best protocols to address the following:

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Metabolic Regulation
  • Motivation
  • Immunity
  • Sleep
  • Anxiety
  • Allergies
  • Addiction

Consultations are available if you are healing from a chronic or particularly debilitating problem so that we may tailor the treatment protocol that your will self administer and re-evaluate at intervals, adjusting as you heal.

Cost: $425

Date: October 26th - 27th, 2013 9-5 pm

Location: Live webinar and Santa Monica, C.A.

Recommended tools: Ohm Unison set, Mars/Venus set, Belted acuvator

"I had been suffering from plantar fascitis for over three years, and had been through two sets of very expensive custom orthotics, numerous steroid injections, ultrasound, stretching boots, etc. and nothing worked to give me lasting relief. I took the class in Harmonic Self-Care and treated my foot for 4-6 weeks. Today I am 100% cured and wear no orthotics." -- BW

Harmonic Mother

If you are planning on getting pregnant it is imperative in this modern toxic world to prepare thoroughly so that your child has the greatest chance for success. Sound can be a great ally at every stage of a mothers journey. We are 75% water (on a good day) and the coherent use of sound will structure the water in your body and womb, bathing your child in harmony. The Harmonic Mother teaches protocols to support:

  • Gynecology & Fertility
  • Pregnancy: edema, back ache, acid reflux, morning sickness, headaches, emotionality.
  • Birth: pain, breech, dilation, and endurance
  • Postpartum recovery: Milk production, wound healing, emotional health, vitality


November 2nd-3rd, 2013 9-6 pm

Location: Live webinar, Santa Monica C.A.

Harmonic Child

This class teaches parents and caregivers how to use the Acutonics® tuning forks to address the many common complaints of their children. The modern child is exposed to toxic food, unparalleleded amounts stress, the bombardment of electromagnetic frequencies from cell phones, computers, and gaming, and are suffering from increased amounts of illness, learning challenges, and feelings of intense frustration.

child on tableThe energy systems of children are delicate and are treated differently from adults. The Harmonic Child reaches the fundamentals of sound healing and the basic theory of pediatrics from an oriental medical perspective.

The Harmonic Child class teaches the 10 protocols for:

  • Pain
  • Brain Development
  • Concentration
  • Raising self esteem
  • Night terrors and Bed Wetting
  • Allergies
  • Immune system
  • Stomach Pains
  • Ear Infections
  • Cold and Flus

Children instantly take to the application of sound as it is fun and feels fantastic.

Cost: $425.00

Date: September 14th-15th, 2013 9-6 pm

Location: Live Webinar, Santa Monica C.A.

"Having Dr. Storey at my side has been a priceless gift I can give each of them. Dr. Storey has helped us through many varied issues, from allergies to severe growing pains to colds and flus to emotional and behavioral problems to celiac disease, and each time I learn new things to teach my children about caring for themselves. The help that she provides is not just a one-time solution, but a holistic way of approaching health that will benefit my children their entire lives. The Acutonics® tuning forks are some of the most precious things I own. I wish every mother could have them in their medicine chest" CC

Harmonic Beauty

This class teaches you how to use the Gem tip tuning forks at home for a luxury facial soundscape. This easy to learn protocol is designed to vibrationally rejuvenate the glow of your skin, stimulate collagen production, oxygenate the tissues, hydrate and refine lines and generate natural beauty from the inside out.

There is an incredibly alchemy created when sound is passed through the light and geometry of the attached gems tips. The tuning forks are applied to the acupuncture points that lift, tonify and firm the face: rejuvenating areas that are difficult and often painful to treat with needles, such as the neck, chin and jowls. It addresses the underlying causes of poor circulation, cellular nutrition and reduced collagen production as well as focusing specifically on redressing problems such as muscle tone and elasticity.

healingThe sound energies continue to reverberate for hours keeping you looking fresh and vibrant. What you do for 5 minutes every day has much greater cumulative effects that a full length treatment once a week.

"I look forward to feeding my face the sound nutrient of the tuning forks every day. I immediately feel tighter and brighter. I also lovve feeling the sound travel deeply into the rest of my body. I can tell I am not as stressed out as much and this last week I didn't catch my toddlers cold which I usually do! Here Here to the forks!! I don't go anywhere with out them."Shelley G, San Diego

Cost: $285.00

Date: September 7th, 2013 9-6pm

Live Webinar, Santa Monica C.A.

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