"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

-Anais Nin

The Harmonic Living Clinic dedicates itself to empowering you with the tools to create sustained health, emotional freedom and integrated spiritual maturation. It is a mind body collaboration through vibration.

The emotional and mental barriers to healing are identified, the subconscious sabotage that keeps you from making life supporting choices is cleared, and the flow of energy within your body is re-organized, alleviating pain, self criticism and the spiral of disease.

Harmonizing the body can often help avoid the need for drugs or surgery.


My primary focus is on women's health, physical trauma, emotional freedom and pediatrics. I work with every stage of women's journey.

The Maiden:  self esteem, individuality vs. conditioning, body image and healthy sexuality.

The Mother:  fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and balancing self-care with the needs of your family.

The Matriarch:  hormonal balance, brain optimization, purpose, and the spiritual deepening through grace, grief and loss.

flyerNo matter what your challenge or concern though, harmonizing your energetic frequencies is a fundamental place to start. Without this, all attempts to change may help for a little while, but the body has a tendency to eventually revert back to its underlying blueprint. You experience this when your chiropractic adjustment only holds for a few days, your high density nutrients aren't really absorbed, or you find yourself once again getting emotionally triggered in the same way. You ultimately cannot build the Taj Mahal with the architectural blueprints for a beach cottage.

"Sound is to the nervous system as food is to the body."

The imbalance of frequencies in your body are identified using the technology of VoiceBio, from this we tailor nutritional programs and sound formulas.

The energy field is then systematically re-calibrated and the body is brought back into a harmonious state by the principles of Oriental Medicine, chakra restructuring and the use of entrainment, resonance and naturally sympathetic vibrations of the Acutonics® system of sound healing.

We unwind the emotional response of flight, fright and freeze with neuro-emotional techniques of Somatic Experiencing, Sonic EFT, and the process of 5th-ing.

ButterflyIn the journey of any deep change it is vitally important to harmonize and stabilize before adding great deals of energy into the system, otherwise distorted patterns or destructive emotions and behaviors can become exaggerated.

Once a person has regained strength, and equilibrium, natural perception has een liberated from conditioning, and supportive patterns within nutrition, relationships and self care have been established, we work together to open the spiritual centers of the body. Your vibrations are progressively raised until your highest coherent frequency becomes your norm, your "home" frequency. You learn how to navigate alternate states of consciousness, and maintain higher levels of awareness, which unleashes the ability to live a fully expressed luxuriously soul filled life.

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