Define the landscape of your internal frequencies.


is a non-invasive sound therapy that captures the frequencies of the normal speaking voice to precisely assess the patient's physical health, organ function, and emotional wellbeing.

Dr. Birch & Sappho When perfectly healthy, each organ vibrates at a keynote frequency that corresponds to one of the 12 botes of the chromatic musical scale. As an example, the colon vibrates to the note of B, the liver to the note of G, a co-dependent personality to the note of C. It is by way of this sound frequency that the various parts of the body communicate with each other and attract through resonance the particular nutrients, minerals and sound vibration required for function. An initial voice print chart, or "Virtual" hologram of the body is created by comparing each organ's ideal keynote frequency with the frequency obtained at the time of the initial assessment.

Once it is determined which frequencies are missing from the voice, that is to say which organs are "off key", or "out of tune" and thus represent the root cause of the patient's physical-emotional-energetic imbalances, we reassess the voice after exposing the body to a particular nutrient, supplement, sound formula or harmonic prescription, ultimately arriving at a therapeutic protocol based on which therapies or elements support the voice resonating at its full 12 tone capacity.

VoiceBio works in the reverse of the typical healing process. Whereas most health professionals explain the healing as an unraveling of an onion ( taking care of one problem and another will reveal itself); VoiceBio will actually show you the "core" problem first. Many times you correct this core imbalance and the smaller sub-core problems will go away as well. For an example: in other health assessments, a client might find that their kidneys are overworked and inflamed and thus the practitioner would concentrate their efforts in this direction. In VoiceBio, we would see the entire picture and realize that the root problem is the liver and therefore the backup system to the liver - the kidneys - are now trying to do both jobs. We would concentrate in rebuilding the liver so the kidneys could go back to their normal jobs.

Because we are continually seeking balance, we unconsciously search for the tone frequencies which are not present in necessary abundance naturally within us. An individual could find himself studying at his kitchen table instead of at his bedroom desk simply because the refrigerator motor provides a missing tone. Another person might listen over and over to a particular symphony because the music is written in a needed key. Yet another might spend hours lending an ear to a friend's chatter...just because that friend has a voice laden with a missing tone.

By directly feeding the body the frequencies that are missing, you become liberated from compensatory habits you have unconsciously adopted, allowing you to freely choose your life.

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